• Applications
    1. >> Industrial ProcessWe provide highly qualified butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves and check valves commonly used in most industrial processes. < More >
    2. >> Marine UseAPC Industries offers a variety of valves that can be used for offshore tasks, and our products have been widely used around ... < More >
    3. >> Fire ProtectionOur company provides a complete line of fire protection valves and fittings, all of which can be tailored to fit our customer's needs. < More >

China Industrial Valve, Marine Valve and Fire Protection Valve Manufacturer

APC Industries is a trustworthy manufacturer of FM and UL approved fire protection valve, industrial valve and marine valve, and our product can be divided into various subclasses, including gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, Y strainer, valve actuator, rubber expansion joint and so on. With 15 years of experience in the industry, we fully understand what customers want, and we have introduced a lot of well-versed technicians and leading-edge production equipment, allowing us to design and fabricate custom valves to best fit every application. These valves offer reliable on-off and/or throttling services for both commercial and industrial piping systems, and they are extremely robust and durable.

    1. Fire Protection Butterfly Valve

      Fire protection butterfly valve is FM approved. With a 300PSI pressure rating, and temperature range of -20℃ to 110℃, fits on fire extinguishing systems in almost any area.

    1. Dry Barrel Fire Hydrant

      Dry barrel hydrant uses drain holes to allow water to escape when the fire protection system is in shutdown mode, preventing the water from freezing during cold weather.

    1. Fire Protection Gate Valve

      Ductile iron body is coated with a high-performance vulcanized rubber inside and out. Its dimensional accuracy and sealing effects are both at top industry levels.

    1. Fire Protection Swing Check Valve, Flanged End

      The valve disc is spring loaded, achieving fast and flexible opening/closing, which reduces the water hammer effect along the pipe system.

    1. Welded Ball Valve

      Valve seat is a combination of a disc spring (Belleville washer) and carbon fiber reinforced PTFE, it is adaptable to both pressure and temperature changes.

    1. Wafer Check Valve

      Industrial valve is mainly used in water supply and drainage systems for high-rise buildings, industrial processes and urban construction. Wafer check valve can also be customized.

    1. Stainless Steel Fittings

      Concentric butterfly valve accessories are both rust and corrosion resistant, and can come with solder weld connections, threaded connections or butt weld connections.

    1. Valve Accessories

      Valve accessories mainly refer to manual gear operators, including worm gear operator, bevel gear operator and handle. These valve actuators provide reliable operating control.

  • OEM/ODM Service
    1. >> OEM/ODM AdvantageWe have state of the art equipment that allows us to provide excellent OEM and ODM services to fulfill global requirements, large and small.
    2. >> Targeted OEM/ODM ClientOur company has provided worldwide customers a variety of custom valves, including butterfly valves, ball valves, gate valves, check valves and others.

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